The game industry, with specific reference to the higher end of the market, has come under severe pressure and criticism of late. Apart from the normal macro - economic factors that affected just about every industry in the country, certain self - inflicted wounds to the game industry as a whole has created a lot of uncertainty out there.

Uncertainty has risen to the extent that nobody can even remotely forecast where the level of prices, and business as a whole, will be in 12 months’ time. A lot of seminars and workshops have been held during the latter part of the year, but none of these events could clearly define one’s outlook and expectations for the coming year. 
Maybe not everybody’s, but at least the majority of hard working game breeders!

Thaba Manzi Auctioneering Services has identified where the uncertainty lay and what the main reasons for this uncertainty is. Thaba Manzi Auctioneering Services is a newly found company founded to specifically address these issues. A better combination of world class facilities, marketing and financial expertise and knowledgeable auctioneering will be hard to find.
Next Auction: Thaba Manzi Platform Auction | 17 August 2019
Thaba Manzi Auctioneering Services is open for auction applications. 

Each auction has been carefully thought through ensuring that every Thaba Manzi Auction has a wide range of species available and that there is a fair lot allocation to each species. 

We welcome all breeders to join our Thaba Manzi Platform Auctions. To submit your animals, please click on the button below;

The game industry has been under pressure from a wide spectrum of threats of late, with the latest an attack on our information systems and technology.

At least four cases of fraud that took place in our industry have been recorded over the past few weeks, with hundreds of thousands of rand involved in each case.

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